Don't waste time organizing Photoshop layers.

PSD Organizer is a panel that :

  1. Renames all your layers in the root, based on a prefix you enter and its depth on the Layers panel.
  2. Renames all the Groups in the root, based on a prefix you enter.
  3. Renames all the Sub Groups and Sub Layers, based on the name of their container.

Installation :

To install it, just double click the “PSD Organizer by dmonzon.zxp” file and the Adobe Extension Manager CS5 will come up with instructions.

Once the extension is installed, the panel can be opened from “Window” menu>”Extension” submenu>”PSD Organizer by dmonzon”.

Before installing please read this important notice

If you are using CS5 on OSX Lion.

You might have to install a patch that fixes a bug in the Adobe Extension Manager that won’t let you install extensions. Click here to find the fix:


You might have to run the Adobe Extension Manager as Administrator to install the PSD Organizer panel. In order to do this, right click on the Adobe Extension Manager Icon and select ”Run as administrator.”

The PSD Organizer panel was developed by
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